Maya Madness

Update: The Friday ranbat/tourny has been moved to Sunday the 18th.

Ikusat was able to help me with my audio desync problems that occured when uploading vids to YouTube, thanks Ikusat. So fortunately, I'm now able to upload multiple matches in a set into one video, which means I can upload lots more footage instead of just picking one or two matches from a set. Good idea, bad idea?

Since my last post I've been playing lots of T-Maya and F-Maya, and having tons of fun. F-Maya seems to be really strong once she's activated her shift. In fact, it almost feels like playing Yun -- once you activate GJ it's practically guaranteed damage. Her ability to hit you instantly from the left/right and high/low with her Shifted forward portals is pretty nasty and hard to counter. And her shifted "rush punch" (214a) becomes extremely good because it persists and has a delayed hit. What this means is that Maya can throw out the shadow and force the opponent to either trade with it or block (or PB it if they have point advantage), and if the opponent is blocking then Maya can either hit high or low and either from the left or the right by using her forward portal. Though, the crazy thing about Maya is that even unShifted she's still got some pretty wicked high/low traps and some pretty good throw traps. T-Maya is also still a blast to play.

The best part of playing Maya was doing some Maya mirror matches with rogueyoshi. But what made it even more fun was the fact that he picked Freedom and I picked Tranquility. Normally mirror matches wouldn't be as interesting, but the shenanigans and gimmicks went through the roof when we played, which was fun as hell. And to make it even more crazy, we picked opposite colors -- green is the color associated with Tranquility, but I had a blue costume during the set; and likewise blue is associated with Freedom, but rogueyoshi had a green costume during the set.

Also had some matches against rogueyoshi's Siely and he showed me a lot, which made me wonder if I placed Siely a bit too low on my tier list. Afterwards, I heard the Japanese current tier list and it was pretty much just like mine, except they placed Siely a lot higher than I did (I put her bottom, they put her mid). Though, it would have to be T-Siely or M-Siely that gets put there, because I personally can't see F-Siely being anything more than bottom tier.

And I got to mess around with Orju a bit and I have to say, I need to take my own advice. I've been blowing super stocks way too much with him, and not building enough level 2's and 3' -- which is something I recommend doing for a lot of characters, like Rail and Ryougen in particular. It's totally and completely worth the damage output to sit on a few stocks until you're able to unleash multiple supers in one combo. On a side note, I still think Orju's Absurd is still the ultimate "you're gunna die, bitch", hehe.

I've got a long long way to go with Rail. I need to just stop using T-Rail and M-Rail altogether and just start using F-Rail. Crazy thing about Rail though is that he totally dominates the air to the point where it's never a good idea to jump in a match against Rail. It's also really hard to PB his spirit rush, but apparently not too hard for Othello's enormous hitboxes.

I've uploaded 7 new vids which contain 17 matches total on my YouTube.

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