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I finally got the Highlights footage that I captured from the Tournament on 2/18 put into a semi-acceptable movie and put it on youtube here.

This actually took some effort to do, which is why I haven't posted since Monday. Video editing is a royal pain, both due to the fact that I don't enjoy doing it and also due to not agreeing with extensive/excessive editing. But I decided to do something a little different with this video and create a few of my own personalized animations for the intro to this vid. A completely wasted effort in my opinion, it took far too long to create, and the results were totally not worth the effort. I highly doubt anyone even noticed what I added, let alone got impressed/entertained by it. Thus, I really should stick to what I know: Don't do video editing.

I really love computers. Hardware is perfectly wonderful and the things that computer hardware is capable of is truely amazing. It's software I hate.

Anyhow, I also highly regret the track that I chose to use for the background music. I mean, I really am a huge fan of Benza and I feel that artist deserves all the promotion he can get for creating awesome music, but I really chose a bad song for the video. The two just don't seem to "fit". I don't know why I chose that song, I guess I was getting way too anxious to release the video as soon as possible.

I've experienced and learned a lot since my last post, so I'd like to only briefly talk about the highlights. Some of the highlights include: An excellent display of how crazy good Delga's command grab is. T-Siely's fireball-uppercut traps and left/right divebomb mixups, and also easy b-n-b combos that do comperable damage to F-Siely. Ryougen being a whore. T-Orju abusing enchant rings and dots. And naturally, other random shenanigans. In particular I love all the Aleksander footage.

Of course, the Highlights footage was literally footage taken from the tournament only, and nothing else. But fortunately that was the point of the video. So in that respect I do feel the video at least serves it's intended purpose.

Looking back on the footage I realized nobody played Maya for the tournament, which is a shame because T-Maya and F-Maya are truely forces to be reckoned with. Also noticed a lot of players have started band-wagoning Ryougen instead of Othello. It was only a matter of time before people started to realize Ryougen's not only easy-mode but also insanely powerful and has ridiculously unbalanced tools to work with. Although, the jury is still out on weather or not Othello still deserves to be put in the same rank as Ryougen. Personally I feel Othello still has all the tools he needs to crush the majority of the cast, but we'll see.

So, now I'd like to now talk about my recent experiences with F-Orju. I've been personally avoiding F-Orju a lot. I finally broke the ice and dove right into the pandora's box that lay therein. And behold, F-Orju is a true sonovabitch. If you thought F-Katze, F-Ryougen, or F-Maya gave you trouble with left/right/throw garbage then wait 'till you experience all of what F-Orju is capable of. Though that's not to say that F-Orju is superior to F-Maya -- clearly F-Maya has far better tools at her disposal so it's not even a comparison really. However, I'm only using those examples because F-Orju can be utilized in the same manner: fuck yo block-style.

His 214a becomes much faster and shorter in Freedom and still has the ability to ground cross. This makes it extremely ideal for mixups, as you're able to very quickly change sides and confuse the opponent into blocking the wrong way. In addition, he also gains some very very wicked throw traps that are totally in his favor. If you do the F-Shifted 214a at the right distance here's what could happen:

- Dash hits, he does not cross up
- Dash hits, he crosses up
- Dash whiffs, he does not cross up
- Dash whiffs, he crosses up

After the dash he can do:

- 2a/5a -> combo
- 5c/throw

Now, if you attempt to jump out of this trap you could very well get tagged out of the air by 2a/5a or by 5c if you "jump wrong". But if you stay on the ground you're practically going to have to guess what direction he is hitting from or if he's going to throw you. You'll also have a difficult time backdashing since you won't be sure which direction is back. Your best options are to do a super or a shift, and both of which are circumstantial and baitable.

The F-Shifted 214a is also extremely good as a meaty move. It's blatantly obvious how good it is, in fact. The move itself has the potential to hit from either direction or whiff and also has the potential to put you on either side of the opponent. Meaning, it could hit or whiff from either side. To me this would be like giving Guilty Gear Millia's command roll some hit frames: too freaking good. Seriously, think of how fast Millia can get on other side of you and then imagine if her roll could actually hit you and BAM, you got F-Orju.

Now, take all that and add to the fact that his Shift combos do really respectable damage without the need for Shift-Canceling or Supers, and you got yourself a formidable opponent. Yeah, I believe F-Orju is pretty evil. I still personally like T-Orju better though because it's more guaranteed damage as apposed to F-Orju's mixup gimmicks.

I've also made some headway in the area of spacing and poking. Thanks to Turbovec I've been able to really analyze Othello and Orju's hitboxes. It's rather interesting to say the least, but not something that I'll have an easy time transcribing into text, so instead I'll just make plans to upload some match vids depicting some of our encounters.

I'll have to save the rest for later, as I seem to have forgotten what it was I wanted to write.

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