Fun Stuff (reevaluation)

Had some really excellent matches yesterday and I had some rather interesting matches today. Had to take another look at some match-ups and reevaluate things a bit.

Yesterday I got pounded on in a set with fooligar, which was extremely fun. I'm always looking forward to finding better players and trying to up my game. He also reaffirmed by original impressions of Ryuogen and Ryuogen's match-ups with Maya and Orju.

Maya just doesn't have the damage output to keep up with a good Ryuogen, since Ryuogen can deal 3k+ easily without meter, and off just about anything he does on the ground. Plus Ryuogen does absolutely ridiculous damage once he has stock to burn, which is definitely not something Maya is on par with. Maya can't really get in on him from the air because Ryuogen actually has viable anti-airs that work on her. On the flipside, Maya can't keep him out of the air because Maya's anti-airs aren't a threat to Ryuogen at all, and her air-to-air game simply loses to Ryuogen's. Thus, Maya has to play very very cautiously in that match and stick to the ground, keeping away from Ryuogen and abusing her shadows and portals when she has Point advantage or neutrality.

It's possible to rush Ryuogen down, but it's really rather difficult with Maya. Maya doesn't really have any viable overheads other than her forward portal Okizeme (her instant high/low traps) which actually only work if you have Point advantage or your opponent has no Shift. Thus, even if you're rushing Ryuogen down, he's going to be building points just from blocking since Maya has practically no mix-up game without portals, which puts you in a bad spot. I feel Maya has a much better time rushing him down when Shifted, but then you leave yourself open to one of his high damage super combos (since you can't Burst). Maya will also have a lot of trouble getting in from the ground since it's fairly easy to keep her out with Ryuogen's air pokes.

Still, I feel that this isn't a completely hopeless match, just a very very lopsided one.

Orju on the other hand actually has some real hope against Ryuogen. His damage output once enchanted is almost at the same level as Ryuogen's no-meter B-n-B's. Additionally, he seems to have an easier time keeping away from Ryuogen and a somewhat easier time getting in. He's mainly able to get in easier because his forward run speed is infinitely better than Maya's (Maya doesn't really even have a run), which at least lets him advance on whiffed pokes. Though just like Maya, Orju doesn't have an anti-air or air-to-air against Ryuogen. Orju also has a much better high/low mix-up trap than Maya. Even though Orju's isn't instant, it just feels more reliable to me than Maya's (perhaps I'm on crack).

Also had to reevaluate both of those character's matches against Katze (Maya and Orju). I'm starting to see how the match is actually much better for Maya than it is for Orju. It's still pretty obvious that Orju is able to crush some impatient or inexperienced Katze players, but that's really the only time. When the Katze player realizes that he can out-poke Orju with 2A and random 2C or 662C, it becomes a lot more messy for Orju. Orju then has to rely on trying to control the air with j.C, and sticking out well timed/spaced 2B's, but this strategy unfortunately starts to fail once the Katze player realizes he can just dash in and anti-air Orju with his DP. Sticking out well timed/spaced 2B's also begins to fail when the Katze player starts slowly advancing and sticking out 2A, which stuffs everything Orju has except 5A. But the problem with countering 2A with 5A is that at that range Orju can't really capitalize on it. And once Orju is in the corner, he's toast. The one thing Orju has going for him is anti-air 5B, which becomes a moot point since Katze doesn't really even need to jump in at Orju to begin with.

This is definitely a match I'm interested in working on.

Maya on the other hand seems to be better at controlling the ground and air, and also better at getting in using shadows and portals. Of course portals require a Point advantage/neutrality to use, but at least it's something. Maya's also able to keep Katze off of her by guarding ground portals and setting shadow traps. Even though Katze can just ignore these, at least it keeps him off Maya long enough for Maya to regenerate Shift if she needs to. Her unShifted 214a rush punch is also really good for zoning Katze when Maya has Point advantage or neutrality, and can also be used to push him off Maya or stuff some of his would-be mix-up traps and pokes.

Alas, I still feel it's an uphill battle for her to beat Katze, but at least she has better tools than Orju in that match.

Also regarding Maya, I found a new Burst bait that I've incorporated into my Shift-Cancel B&B. Although it's more of a Burst-Neutralizer than a punisher, my old one seems to fail in the new 1.0d patch so I had to come up with a new one. And so here's a replay showing the new one: here.

Not really the most outstanding damage, but at least it avoids bursts, and if the opponent chooses not to burst then I still have my shield up.

I've also posted 11 new videos on my YouTube.

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