Balance (Tiers)

Not all characters are created equal. This is a general maxim for pretty much every fighting game, and the same holds true for this one.

Note: Everything posted here is naturally subject to change, since the game is constantly being updated and changed.

As of the most recent patch (1.0d), it's apparent that Othello still remains at the head of the pack, so to speak (har har, punny). If I were to personally draw a rough outline of the tiers at this point, I'm pretty sure it'd look something like this:

- Top: Othello, Ryuogen, Katze
- Upper Mid: Maya, Orju, Rail
- Lower Mid: Delga
- Bottom: Aleksander, Siely

Let's take a quick peek at why.

* Othello has outstanding pokes both on the ground and the air, and is one of the few characters that has a particularly good anti-air. He also has really easy and damaging combos both midscreen and corner. What's more is he has a very solid high/low mix-up game that is rather easy to confirm into large damage. And to top it off he's also got very good movement and hittable box sizes. The only really negative aspect to Othello is his need for super stocks to counter meaties/rushes. He pretty much doesn't have any particularly bad matchups, just about every match is in his favor or breaks even.

* Ryuogen's strength is his strength and defense. He's able to do quite a bit of damage off just about anything. He also has a particularly good poke/zone game with his air moves and some of his ground moves. Another huge strength of Ryuogen's is his defense; as his command counter and command grab moves are quite useful tools for countering traps and 'would-be mind-games'. Ryuogen may have a few bad match-ups, but the fact that he completely destroys the characters he has good match-ups with kind of balances this out. Though once you start to realize that Ryuogen has some pretty ridiculous damage output, combined with very good defense and zoning, it becomes obvious where he stands in the tiers.

* Katze is an all around solid character, but with a few perks that only he benefits from. Some people might be quick to call him the "Ryu" of the game, and while I'd generally agree, I personally feel he's more like the "Chun-Li" of the game. His DP (dragon punch/uppercut) move persists, and is a great anti-meaty/anti-rushdown move -- although it's really not a good idea to use it as anti-air. Which is OK, since he has other really solid anti-airs, which are even better than a DP since they are normal moves that can be used to start combos. Katze doesn't have any particularly bad match-ups, but he definitely has a few good match-ups. A well played Katze is able to shut down a lot of the mid and lower tier characters with superior poking and zoning, and is also able to defend himself quite well.

* Maya, Orju, and Rail: These characters are somewhat like "speciality" or perhaps "gimmicky" characters. They have a lot of strong points and a lot of weak points to go along with it. What puts them in the mid tier is: They're generally able to fight the upper tier better than the lower tier characters can -- and they have to work less to beat the lower tier characters.

* Delga is something of a wild card. He has terrible matches with T-Maya, Ryuogen, and Othello. He also has to work harder to fight Rail than other characters do. But, he's also really strong. A well played Delga can beat Othello and Katze, and should easily crush Siely and Aleksander, but being that he has some really bad match-ups put him a rank lower than the upper-mid who are generally rather flexible by comparison.

* Aleksander and Siely: These two have their pros and cons, certainly -- but the problem is they have way more cons than pros. While Aleksander has unblockable normals, he suffers from: slow speed, unsafe normals, and lack of special moves. For however hard the opponent has to work to beat him, Aleks players will have to work extra hard just to get wins.
Siely's main problem is lack of damage outside of meter, and extremely low priority on her normals and specials. Although she has some potential, she remains bottom tier due to just not being very solid or strong.

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