Balance 2 (Match-ups)

As previously posted, this info is subject to change as the game changes with patches and updates.

So, after having some experience under my belt, as well as observing matches between other players, I've noticed some particularly unbalanced matches. Let's take a look at who and why.

* Katze vs. Aleksander: This match is absolutely terrible for Aleksander, who has almost no hope of winning. Katze is able to shut down pretty much anything Aleksander could ever hope of doing simply by poking with his quick 2A move. And to make matters worse, Katze also has backdashing and his DP on his side to totally negate Aleksander's game.

* Katze vs. Orju: Once again we see Katze's superior pokes at work. Katze's 2A when spaced correctly beats everything Orju has except Orju's 5A. Bad news for Orju though, since at that range Orju can't follow it up with anything, and Orju's 5A also loses to Katze's other far range pokes. To make matters worse, Katze is also able to beat out Orju's air attacks with his anti-airs, and can also win air-to-air if spaced right (although their air-to-air game seems somewhat even). Still, all Katze really needs to beat Orju is proper spacing and zoning with Katze's superior pokes. Orju can win this match, but it's definitely an uphill battle.

* Katze vs. Maya: Horrible match for Maya. Pretty much for the same reasons as Orju. Although it's a bit worse for Maya than it is for Orju because Maya's normals (air and ground) attacks lose even harder than Orju's do. And to make matters worse, Maya can't keep Katze out either. Maya doesn't have any reliable method for anti-air or anti-meaty/anti-rushdown. And to top it off, Maya also doesn't have a strong enough mix-up game to really hope for any worth-while damage -- all Katze has to do is block and build points. While unshifted, her portal gimmicks quickly start to lose to the point system itself. Her forward portal gets power broken and her ground portal is a free invitation for Katze to combo her by simply walking into it intentionally and anti-airing her. Though if that wasn't enough, you have to remember that Katze actually does have decent anti-rushdown, so even if Maya randomly gains momentum, she's still likely to lose momentum just as easily.

* Maya vs. Delga and Aleksander: If Maya is in Tranquility, this becomes a terrible matchup for both Delga and Aleksander. All Maya really has to do is zone and poke with her superior ground and air game, while playing the keep away game, until she is able to Shift and activate her shield and shadow. Once buffed, they have no reliable way of stopping her other than command grabs. Although Delga could theoretically win by gaining momentum and maintaining it, in practice that is really not an easy task since Maya only needs to be patient enough to gain a foothold, then it's over for Delga. As for Aleksander, pretty much anything he does becomes a massive risk, because whiffing anything other than A attacks leads him losing momentum.

* Ryuogen vs. Delga: Another horrible match for Delga. Ryuogen controls this match almost completely due to his ability to reliably keep Delga out and consistently cause safe and reliable damage without burning super (or even meter, for that matter). Delga has almost no hope of winning this match.

Hopefully as I continue to play I will get a better understanding of the match-ups between characters and have more to post. And hopefully as the game is updated/changed I'll be able to reevaluate the match-ups.

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